Members of the Houston Cubing Association

Houston Cubing Association Board:

Aditya Dargan- President and founder


 Hi My name is Aditya Dargan. I am currently a rising senior at Stratford High School. I am interested in finance and in engineering. I have a blog (  and youtube channel (  My hobbies include speecubing ( shocking right?) yo yoing, magic tricks, juggling and table tennis. I like watching Bollywood films and listening to music. I am a fairly good cuber ( not the best of the best). I usually average around 20 to 30 seconds on 3x3 and around 1:40 on 4x4.


Anthony Phung- Secretary


I'm what you'd call a "casual" cuber. Maybe even a lazy cuber since I have not ever practiced consistently. I average sporadically around upper 20's and low 40's for 3x3 and rarely do other puzzles.At the moment, I am interesting in physics and math and have read various academic blogs. I have also written for my high school newspaper. I may also start a blog soon.I like dark-cloudy days because they are very calming compared to the annoying hot, bright days in Houston. Blue is my favorite color, and I like to watch Korean dramas.


Shon Collins: Treasurer


 I am a graduate of the class of 2011 from Cypress Springs High School. I am about to attend lonestar community college for my basics and I plan on moving to Oklahoma to work on my major at Oklahoma University. I'm 18 years old. I am a big time bowler. I am currently in a Tuesday night league with my current average of 197. I have been cubing since august 26th of 2010. My wca id is 2011coll02. I average around 40 seconds on 3x3, but im working on it. I average 8-10 seconds on 2x2. I avergae around 2:45 on 4x4. I average between 3:30 and 4:00 on 5x5. I average about 13 seconds on pyraminx. I average about 2 seconds on magic. I am more interested in puzzles of greater size and difficulty.

 Channae Cotterell: Media director


My name is Channae Cotterell. i am in college and i study biology at prairie view university. i love to cube. i am a female. i am Jamaican.

Organization Members:

Charlie Conley
Rahul Gupta
David Sprinkle
Osvaldo Rodriguez|
Amy Penick
Sumeet Agarwal
James Dial

Student Members: 

In addition to the organization members we have more than 80+ student members who are casual cubers. 


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