Houston Cubing Association Events



Houston Spring 2011 Competition

May 21st, 2011- This was an official WCA competition in Houston, Texas. Many people came from all over Texas and out of state. About 24 people competed and around 40 people were in the audience. Student Council at Stratford High School helped run the competition.




Feb. 2010 Cube meet

Feb. 28, 2010- Cube meet attracted many new members to the Houston Cubing Association. Discussions about cube techniques took place. Afterwards, a meeting was held on organizing future events.

Cube2Cash fundraiser ( Summer 2010):

The Houston Cubing Association conducted a fundraiser for the Ronald Mcdonald Houston charity by giving out 4 cubes, generously given by Haiyan Zhang, former world record holder of the 3x3 blindfold solve.



Pinepoint Elementary Demo

Feb.9,2010- The HCA did another demo at Piney point elementary in Houston,Texas. This took place during the annual math/science night. Elementary school children had the opportunity to experiment with various cubes and see them being solved.


Ronald Mcdonald House Demo

July 25,2009- The Houston Cubing Association planned an exhibition match in the Ronald McDonald Holcombe house in Houston,Texas.Great response from children and their families at the Ronald Mcdonald House. Showcased "speedcubing", by giving a talk on speedcubing and demonstrating the logical nature of the cube by solving various puzzles.

2008 Houston Competition
June 14th,2008: This was the first competition ever hosted in Houston. A fairly large number of spectators were there as well as 8-10 people who were competing. The competition was a success. The competition had enough of an effect to have more competitions held in Texas. This competition was fairly small, but it was a great start. I was on the local news which aired 4 days before the actual competition. The equipment for the competition was actually rented from the Speedstacks company

Here is the video of me on ABC 13

Here are the pictures of the competition:




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