About the Houston Cubing Associaton

Where: Houston, Texas and surrounding areas
Who can join: Anyone interested in speedcubing
The mission of the Houston Cubing Association is "to promote  mathematical and scientific skills by solving different types of puzzles and to promote speedcubing throughout the Houston community"
Currently the Houston Cubing Association is a non-profit organization based in Houston,Texas.
Background information:
In 2007, Aditya Dargan had started to learn how to solve the Rubik's cube. A year later, Aditya was solving the cube pretty fast and speedcubing had become his hobby. Later that year, Aditya noticed that there was not much speedcubing activity in Houston, and even in Texas. He then started the Houston Cubing Association as a way to unite Houston cubers. That year there was a local competition in Houston. People from all over Texas came to participate. The competition sparked interest throughout Texas and has led to more and more "official" competitions being held every year. A few months after the competition, the Houston Cubing Association officially  became Texas state recognized non-profit organization . Since then, the Houston Cubing Association has been fostering mathematical and critical problem solving skills in adults and youth in the Houston Community by organizing and hosting many exhibitions, demonstrations, and cube meets.
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