About me

Hi, I am Aditya Dargan, a rubik's cube and juggling enthusiast. This is my 8th grade TV interview just before the first Houston Cubing Association event.  This was aired on  the ABC 13  channel.  

How I got into cubing:

I live in  Houston, Texas. I got interested in the Rubik's cube after seeing the popular movie "The Pursuit of Happiness". In this movie there is a scene in which the actor who plays Chris Gardner solves the Rubik's cube in 40 seconds! I got amazed that day and was on  the hunt to find my old Rubik's cube and solve it. Well I did not find it but my parents bought me one after bugging them alot. I pulled out the beginner solution booklet and was on my way to unscrambling it. After some weeks I accomplished this task!!! After that I took it to school to amaze my friends. Something inside me wanted to solve it faster and faster. I also got the name of a "geek" at school , so I developed this website to explain the wonders of the magic cube. Back then , I solved it in 14 minutes , then 2-3 minutes and now I have acquired my time being it my personal best which stands as 14.3 seconds!!!

Me on the web:

My Youtube Channel: Rubikgenius ( Subscribe, please !)

My Twitter account: AdityaDargan( Follow me to get updates about new articles at cubegeek.net)

My WCA profile: Aditya Dargan (India)

Email: aditya(the at sign)cubegeek(dot)net



























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