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Welcome to    Hello and Welcome to! -Aditya's Speedcubing Realm. Here on you can find tutorials that go over how to solve the normal cube, bigger cubes, and even ways to solve the Rubik's cube blindfolded. There is something for everyone; it doesn't matter if you have never even picked up a Rubik's cube or if you can solve it fast and want to get faster. Feel free to browse around and enjoy your stay!    
Houston Spring 2011    On May 21st,2011 an official WCA competition took place in Houston, Texas. The competition was organized by the Houston Cubing Association. Many people came from all over Texas and out of state. About 24 people competed and around 40 people were in the audience. Several Student Council Members at Stratford High School helped run the competition. Full results of the competition here  
Cubegeek on Youtube Interested in watching videos about the cube? Head on over to -'s official youtube page. You will find video tutorials covering the same content, video blogs by Aditya Dargan, as well as cube commentary.

Houston Cubing Association event photos

Aditya Dargan trying to solve
a Rubik's cube blindfolded 
at Houston Spring 2011
(From left to right) Radly Peralta,
Casey Persteiner,
and Anthony Brooks scrambling cubes
at the Houston Spring 2011
Aditya Dargan entering times
and Anthony Brooks scrambling cubes
at Houston Spring 2011
(Houston Spring 2011) Aditya Dargan
announcing winners and Mr. Gex,
Stratford High School  principal,
presenting awards 
Most of the Student Council Group
who helped run Houston Spring 2011
with Aditya Dargan in the middle 
Alex Goldberg trying to
solve a Rubik's cube
blindfolded at Houston Summer 2008 
Andrew Vo and
Alex Goldberg memorizing
for blindfold round at
Houston Summer 2008 
Some of the contestants at
Houston Summer competition 2008
Rahul Gupta solving 3x3,
Andrew Vo finishing with 42.07 sec time,
Aditya Dargan judging 
Big cube demonstration
for elementary school children
at Pinepoint Elementary 
3x3 cube demo at
Pinepoint elementary 
More demonstrations of various
cubes and puzzles
at Pinepoint Elementary 
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